Facts about PA HBPA


      Facts about Pennsylvania HBPA

  • PA HBPA heavily invests in the quality of life of its members every year. Each year, we pay over $250,000 in benefits to its members, back-side employees and loved ones.
  • PA HBPA provides full medical coverage for over 130 members and their families to ensure quality health care.
  • PA HBPA administers a pension plan, which allows 184 members to effectively plan for and enjoy their retirement.
  • PA HBPA built a medical clinic that offers free medical care for those licensed at the racetrack. Each week, we pay for a health care professional to staff the clinic for 20 hours.
  • PA HBPA and Hollywood Casino combined efforts to build a new 25-room Grooms Quarters that improves the living conditions for stable employees.
  • PA HBPA is one of six organizations that make up the Pennsylvania Equine Coalition. Our aim is to serve horse owners and trainers to promote, protect and enhance Pennsylvania’s horse racing and breeding industry.